How to Stay Productive In a Relationship

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Episode One

Happy new year, everyone!

Hopefully, you guys are working hard to achieve your new year’s goals. Jae and I have been thinking of ways to maintain a healthy relationship this upcoming year, so we thought it’d be cool to talk about how to resolve common problems that young couples face.

The last four months were exciting, sweet, chaotic, and filled with laughter…but as much as we love spontaneity, it’s time to find some balance. It’s not easy to practice discipline when you’re having so much fun, but it’s definitely a key factor to long term happiness and productivity with your partner.

The main habit we’re trying to solidify is waking up early. How amazing would it be to read your favorite book, drink a cup of delicious coffee, exercise (#winterbody), eat breakfast, cross off some important items on your to-do list AND talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend in the morning?? You won’t have to rush out to your 9-5:00 job (or school) and you will feel more accomplished throughout the day. But of course, to set yourself up to succeed, you need to practice another habit: sleeping early.

The biggest downfall to our goal has been sticking with our bedtime. Time after time, Jae and I catch ourselves drinking wine at 10:00 pm, staying up late to finish work, scrolling through useless FB/IG feed, and being distracted in general. This month, we are working towards replacing these habits with better ones to find some balance in our lives.

It’s already the second month of 2018 so let’s continue to work on our passions, meet new friends, make some money, and do things that make us happy (aka have an occasional wine night hehe) 🙂 See you guys next episode!

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