How to Travel With Your Significant Other

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Episode 2. Traveling

Hello Boston!

I know. You’re probably thinking, “Why would anybody travel up to Boston in the middle of January?!” That’s exactly what I thought before being introduced to this quaint yet bustling little city.

Several weeks ago, Jae and I took a spontaneous road trip to NYC and decided to take ANOTHER spontaneous trip to Boston while we were in NYC (spontaneous road trip within a spontaneous road trip #inception) to try out his favorite bagel and Belgian waffle spot (Bagelsaurus and Curio Coffee). To say the least, that weekend was pretty wild.

The verdict — Jae has VERY good taste and I will never look at bagels and waffles the way I used to…ever again. We drove back home happy and 20 pounds heavier. Yay.

Fast-forward to this past weekend. Jae and I started to miss the sugary goodness of the waffles and the perfectly chewy, yet soft texture of the bagels (Bagelsaurus bagel sandwiches are a MUST). Since there is no other way to satisfy this craving (trust us when we say this), we casually booked a flight to Boston and prepared for another food-filled, adventurous weekend 🙂

Our trip was different this time because we actually had time to pack, so here’s a list of traveling tips that might come in handy some day:

  • Pack shoes you can ACTUALLY walk around in (especially when you know you’ll be exploring)
  • You don’t really need 20 different outfits for a 4 day trip (unless you’re a fashion blogger), so pack the shirts, pants, and shoes you naturally gravitate to
  • PACK HUGGIES (this one is a must…you will thank us later)
  • Pack some bandaids if you’re a klutz like me
  • If your airline has a mobile app, download it and check in through the app so you’re not in a rush
  • Leave for the airport at least 2 hours early
  • Last but not least, stuff everything into your carry-on bags so you don’t waste time waiting in baggage claim lols

We’re hoping to add more to this list as we cross off more destinations on our bucket list, so stay tuned 😉

Watch the full video here!

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