Bonding Over Mood Swings and Face Masks

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.53.18 AM

Tiger face masks and mood swings

Good morning beauties and foodies!

Welcome to another episode of Coffee Break with Jae and Ella. We decided to try on silly face masks while talking about mood swings because Jae has been dealing with A LOT lately (sorry Jae lol).

How do couples deal with emotional rollercoasters? It’s a puzzle we’re still trying to solve but we realized the answer to most relationship problems is communication and patience (a lot of it). These past four months have flown by but we’ve learned so many key factors about how to keep a relationship fresh and healthy.

Think of your significant other as a plant– please excuse my lack of better analogy. You need to continue to shelter, care, feed (the most important part tbh), and provide space for him/her to grow. If you neglect or forget to feed your plant (your significant other), it (your relationship) will wither up and possibly die.

Regardless of how rocky some days are, here’s some wise advice we picked up recently and continue to practice:

  1. Think before you speak. The wrong words can seriously damage a relationship.
  2. Continually communicate your feelings regardless of how much you want to dislike each other some days.
  3. Never bottle up your feelings or else you will drive yourself and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife crazy. One day, you WILL explode and vomit up all your suppressed frustration.
  4. Always be patient and kind to each other.
  5. Be the bigger person and crack a joke.
  6. Talk things out over a slice of pizza and glass of wine.

We will continue to follow these tips, so hopefully this helps you guys out as well. Relationships are complicated and messy at times, but we truly believe it can also be breathtakingly beautiful and so worth the effort at the end of the day.

Watch the full video here:

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