How to Wake Up With Glowing Skin Every Morning

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Goodbye Pimples

How can we wake up with glowing, blemish-free skin every morning??

I’ve been trying to hack this ever since I hit puberty. Testing out everything from over the counter skin medications to following the 10-step korean skin care regime, I was certain that improving my skin was hopeless.

Time after time, I realize that it really narrows down to the basics. So if you get this right, you are guaranteed to have clearer and brighter skin every morning (this applies to men as well :))!

  • Wash off any makeup or dirt particles from your face with a water AND oil-based face wash (especially if you wear waterproof makeup).
  • Manuka honey is your best friend. Keep a jar of it in your bathroom cabinet and apply it all over your face whenever you feel guilty after popping a pimple. It’s truly magical.
  • Rosehip oil will actually REDUCE excess oil on your face throughout the day. Apply a thin layer (about 5 drops) before you go to sleep and you will wake up with brighter, more balanced skin.
  • Drink lots of water to flush out toxins.
  • Try to refrain from stuffing yourself with chocolate, Big Macs, cookies, twinkies etc. (basically anything heavily processed). This will just make it harder for your body to detox which results in more blemishes.

If you focus on the basics, you can really tackle the root cause of this problem and you won’t need 20 different products to save your face. All you really need are the basics. Keep it simple and stay blemish free effortlessly!

Have an amazing weekend, fellow bloggers 🙂

Watch the full video here!

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