The older I get, the more I realize how crucial it is to find the right sunscreen for your skin. Let me get straight to the point and tell you about my favorite sunscreen/foundation this year:


Shiseido Sports BB Wetforce SPF 50+

I packed it for my Cancun vacation this September and it did not fail me. I have naturally oily skin so I was afraid of how greasy it might look on my face (like all other sunscreens) but it was budge-proof…even when I went for a dip in the pool. Holy crap.

Also, unlike other BB creams, this one is HIGH coverage. It dries matte and blends in with your skin so perfectly. I personally like to wear this on days I don’t want to cake my face with foundation. It’s also super handy when you want a little cover-up at the gym (yes. I wear makeup to the gym. Whateva).

The only con was that this line doesn’t come with many shades. The one shade above the one I wore practically made me look like an Oompa Loompa so you gotta be careful.

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

If you’re ever gonna go on a tropical vacation, this item is a must for anybody who wants coverage AND sun protection in one bottle.

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