Written by Ella Lee, Edited by Jae Lee


What an evening!

Jae and I celebrated our one year anniversary by booking a reservation at a breathtaking, cozy, and renowned restaurant in rural Virginia: The Inn at Little Washington.

It was unlike any other Michelin restaurants we visited.

Unlike other chic Michelin restaurants, The Inn at Little Washington serves their patrons from a rural area. It may seem out of the way, but the rural surroundings added a great deal to the entire experience.

Parking was not an issue at this beautiful location. We didn’t have to stress over parking spots or hand over our keys to the valet service. This may seem like a non-issue, but I’m sure fellow city folks can agree with the pain of looking for affordable parking spots. Ease of parking was one thing, but the crisp air was what really started the series of magnificent experience at The Inn at Little Washington. The fresh, farmland air from the surrounding Shenandoah mountains readied us for what was to come.


The exterior of the establishment was gorgeous. We were greeted by a group of friendly staff. I was taken away by the classic, yet chic interior and knocked over a chair on the way to our table (LOL clumsy me). I didn’t faceplant (thankfully), and I was able to regain my composure quickly. We were seated at a beautiful private hall near the windows. I immediately felt at home.

What really stood out to me was the waitstaff. We got to know our waiter, Chris, during our dinner. He told us that his father worked with Chef Patrick O’Connell since the restaurant’s humble beginnings. It was staggering to hear that the restaurant’s very first main dish was a simple chicken breast dish that only cost $7 (not adjusted for inflation :P). That was 40 years ago.

Intense history runs throughout The Inn at Little Washington. Every corner of the restaurant exudes depth and class. You can get a glimpse of the establishment’s history through the hall that leads into the restrooms. The exhibition held letters from queens and kings of European nations, Julia Child and other renowned chefs, and various individuals who achieved significant accomplishments. Seeing Chef Patrick O’Connell’s crazy drive, passion, and hard work through his carefully crafted dishes was a humbling experience. It was a rare occasion that left a significant impression on both Jae and myself.

I highly recommend this experience. 10/10 would visit again.


Jae and I would like to extend our gratitude to everyone at The Inn at Little Washington.

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