I love athletic wear because comfort is KING when it comes to daily wear. I’ve always loved brands like Nike, Lululemon, Adidas etc. , but I also hate blowing all of my hard earned cash in one shopping spree. Seriously, why are workout clothes so overpriced these days?

I decided to check out ASOS’s sale (just in case I found a bargain) and actually found some good pieces! Here are my haul and thoughts:

Puma Exclusion to ASOS Knot Detail Tank in Orange ($35)

Overall, the fit was amazing! Wearing this with high waist leggings is super flattering and makes you look like you live at the gym (in a good way).

I was surprised by the quality of this. The fabric was softer than I expected and slipped right on. It’s pretty stretchy but I would highly recommend using caution while taking this off. I think I heard some threads snap as I undressed.

Adidas Training Band With Three Stripes Slogan Leggings in Black ($40)

This fit was alright…mediocre at best. “You get what you pay for” is how I would describe this legging. It was pretty tight around my waist but strangely loose around my thighs.

I’ll be real here. The quality sucked and the fabric was extremely thin. I did the squat test with these and I could totally see my underwear. It’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be returning these ASAP.

Missguided Wrap Detail Gym Bra in Pink ($16.50)

The size small fit me perfectly! I think the title of this top is really misleading because it’s definitely not a bra. I would never wear this as a bra. I can totally see myself going to an early morning yoga class in this.

The quality is average and there’s nothing really special about it. At least it’s cute!

South Beach Ombre Seamless Bra in Black ($19)

Love love love these! Small fit me perfectly and it was the perfect amount of tightness. I didn’t feel like I was suffocating in these while running.

I think this was seriously a steal for $19. I’m not sure how it’ll do after it gets washed several times but I’m pretty happy with the quality. It’s nicely padded and the fabric is soft.

HIIT Racer Back Bra in White ($24)

Small fit me perfectly. It was just tight enough to hold my chest while not making my upper back fat spill out. Lol.

Um, where’s the padding on this? I can literally see my nipples peeking through the fabric. RETURN.

ASOS 4505 Slightly Cropped Tank Top ($16)

I really love this fit. It wraps around you perfectly and is super comfortable to wear during a workout.

Let’s just say, I’m definitely getting another one if I ever lose it. It’s so easy to throw on and workout in. The fabric is soft and stretchy so you feel right at home.


Overall, I had a great experience with ASOS! The leggings were a disappointment so I will most likely look elsewhere for those, but the tops were great. The sizing assistant is pretty accurate and I love how they display the clothes on video to help their customers better envision how the clothes will look.

There’s always a risk when you go online shopping but I feel confident that ASOS will continue to meet most of my expectations in the future!

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