Promising Restaurant & Great Addition to DC Food Scene

The definition of a good restaurant has evolved perpetually for me. I used to rely on reviews and ratings from various sites when I first started dining out on my own as a young adult. I came to realize that the reviews and ratings were collections of limited insights; they were often misleading and did not reflect the depth of the restaurants. I then transitioned into relying more heavily on reputable guides such as the Michelin Dining Guide. The Michelin Guide and other reputable writers offered more accurate insights and background. I followed these writers religiously and made it my mission to dine in every recommended restaurant. This continued for about four years until I found myself being boxed into the world of “fine dining.” These restaurants offer great food and great service, but I found that they are all too similar to each other: expensive, delicate, detailed, trendy, and chic. It was as if the restaurants were following specific rules of the game to receive their stars. Majority of the Michelin recommendations–while masterful and complex–became dull, recurring, and familiar. There were exceptions, of course, but I no longer found myself reading their reviews. I now keep a list of my own developed through personal recommendations.

Reverie is a fairly new development in Georgetown that clearly aspires to rise to the top. In a way, Reverie also falls into the typical category of trendy and chic New-American restaurants. This joint will, without a doubt, satisfy food critics as well as upscale diners. Unlike other New-American restaurants, however, Reverie offers personality, comfort, and intimacy. Diners can find Chef Johnny Spero’s playful and easy-going attitude in every corner of ‘Reverie.’

Each dish offers a glimpse into the Chef’s personality. They are bold, layered, and balanced without being pretentious or too exquisite. The food looks and tastes familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. ‘Reverie’ makes me feel like I am dining at home but this time my dad isn’t a politician but a dude who can create amazing recipes and cook killer food.

Restaurants on this level are like people. You vibe with a few, you are OK with some, and you just absolutely hate the others. Reverie, I vibe with. I can say with confidence that Reverie is a good restaurant.

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Posted by:Jae

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