Delightful Staff, Disappointing Food

I had the worst Michelin 2 star experience at P&P.

The staffs here are young & charming. They try their best to accommodate you. You’ll leave the dining experience thinking that they are extremely well-trained and professional. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this place for anyone looking for an exquisite and unique food experience.

My girlfriend and I had the bar experience with wine pairing. Their pairing was well thought out. I wasn’t a big fan of the smoky beer, but I understood the appeal. Every other drink was decent and definitely worth the additional $60 dollar(might have been $65).


Uni dish was delicious.

The food here was overall subpar. The biggest disappointment came from the monkfish & the duck. They were both over-seasoned. I had to go to the restroom twice to spit it out. We later realized that the sauces served with those dishes were the culprits. I had to wipe off the sauce from the proteins before eating. The proteins themselves were well-seasoned. The line cook in charge of the sauces definitely screwed up. The bun that came with the duck was also overly seasoned. This ended up in the toilet as well. I believe this was my first Michelin two experience where I had to spit the food out. It was definitely a numbing experience.

The desserts were good. The sweetness definitely helped me recover from the extremely over-seasoned fish & duck.

I am genuinely confused as to why this place has two stars. I believe they will lose their star if the food suffers like this in the future.

If you are visiting DC, I would recommend avoiding P&P and visiting other fine dining establishments. I would personally recommend ‘Reverie’ if you are a fan of duck dishes. ‘Reverie’ waitstaffs are underwhelming but… hey, they just opened. I’m sure the restaurant will mature over the months.

If you live here & you love food as much as I do, give other places a visit before P&P. Chef Patrick O’Connell’s establishment will give you an extremely unique and delicious experience. A bit out of the way, but definitely… most definitely worth.

I really do hate myself for having to write this review. I never had such a terrible food experience in a Michelin-rated restaurant. I mean no disrespect to all the hard-working staffs here at P&P. It was probably a one time mistake from the line cook. Nonetheless, I left the establishment thinking that I paid money not for the food but only for the service of extremely pleasant waitstaffs.


Posted by:Jae

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