I’ve been wanting to go for a more natural look these days because of the warmer weather, but it’s been a struggle to find lighter coverage. Most “light” foundations/tinted moisturizers never live up to their claims of evening out my skin tone OR they just slide off of my face by the end of the day (ugh oily skin problems).

BareMinerals tinted moisturizer (under the Complexion Rescue line) didn’t really provide the coverage I wanted so I was pretty skeptical of the foundation stick. I decided to give this line another try after watching some reviews.

My skin type

Oily around the T-Zone, combination

I’ve struggled most of my life with excessive oil on my face for several reasons: hormones, puberty, food, etc. Nowadays, it’s gotten a lot better, but most liquid foundations tend to slide right off by the end of the day.

How to apply

This foundation is super smooth so it feels really nice even when you initially apply it. Since this is sheer, you want to gently blend out the lines with a brush or a sponge.

IMG_1880 2

IMG_1893 2

The trick is to GENTLY do it since this is medium coverage and the last thing you want to do is blend it OFF your face. I use a foundation brush to blend out the outer edges and build more coverage by adding more layers to different areas.

My usual routine is: add one layer, apply another layer to areas that need more coverage, and then finish with a translucent powder.


I haven’t used a lot of foundation sticks but this one felt A LOT easier to blend than other liquid foundations. I was honestly hesitant to buy this because I wasn’t sure if it would FEEL like every other foundation I used, but it’s truly different. It feels like a hybrid between a tinted moisturizer & liquid foundation.

Most foundations feel a bit cakey even after one layer, but this foundation truly felt like it was just a part of my skin. It left a lovely dewy (but not too shiny) finish. You can choose to set it with powder or leave it as is if you like a more dewy look.


You’ll get a lot more coverage out of this foundation stick compared to BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer. It’ll cover freckles, redness, and dark spots without being cakey or too sheer!

It’s not full coverage (it doesn’t claim to be in the first place) BUT it definitely felt like enough coverage for me to feel comfortable going out to Saturday Brunch with my friends.


The layer of foundation felt like it was a part of my skin so I actually felt more confident & happy with less coverage. My skin can breathe while wearing this so it’s a refreshing change.

The only con is that it still DID get super shiny after ~9 hours of wear, but I didn’t look like a hot mess. I know matte foundations may be able to solve this problem, but it’s just something I have to sacrifice if I want a more “natural” look.

My final score of this product is 9/10

I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this foundation all Spring and Summer!

Posted by:Ella Lee

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