Why You Should Go to Luke’s Lobster:

  • For a quick bite/snack: We recommend going here for a mid-afternoon snack.
  • Chill vibes: The cashier was very friendly and we enjoyed the overall vibe of the shop.
  • Good eats: You’ll be satisfied with your food, no doubt.

Why You Should Not Go to Luke’s Lobster:

  • Not for your first date: We don’t recommend here for your first date. Go to a place where you can sit and dine. Still hungry? Come here for a quick bite.
  • Limited seating: Don’t expect to sit and dine.
  • Pricey: The food here is a bit pricey for what they offer. A jumbo lobster roll here can get you a lobster dish at Michelin quality restaurants.
  • Lobster quality: While we loved the overall vibe and taste of the food, you are not going to get the best lobster in town. Lobster lacks flavor. Still delicious though.

Here’s What to Expect:

  • Expect to wait a bit. There’s generally going to be two to three parties ahead of you.
  • Expect to be a bit hungry afterward if you generally eat big portions.
  • A jumbo lobster roll will run you around $20+. It’s a bit pricey if you consider this as a snack rather than a full meal. Their lobster quality is also not as great as other locals make it seem.
  • Expect to eat either standing up or in the streets depending on how busy they are.

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