• Their sweet drinks(i.e. fraps, bubble tea) are delicious. They are well balanced and won’t leave you feeling terrible after finishing the drink.
  • The cortado I ordered was perfect. It’s obvious that the owner knows how to operate his espresso machine. Expect third-wave coffee shop quality here.

Mixed Feelings:

  • While their Banh Mi was satisfying, we found it too sweet and bland. The baguette is more like subway bread. You should expect heavily Americanized Banh Mi at this location. You won’t find the savory, filling, yet refreshing Banh Mi. It’s not bad, but you may be disappointed if you’re expecting traditional Banh Mi.


  • We did not like their seating arrangements.

Why You Should Go to Chill Zone Cafe:

  • Great for quick meetups (if the good chairs are available).
  • Decent coffee & Great Barista: They use a decent coffee roaster. I can’t speak for all their baristas, but the owner seemed to know what he’s doing.
  • Great for a first date: Decent price, pleasant vibes, and good drinks.
  • Great afternoon hangout spot: Their name “Chill Zone” makes more sense after chilling there.

Why You Shouldn’t Go to Chill Zone Cafe:

  • Any meals: We don’t recommend dining here.

Experience the vibe:

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