We dined at NIX NYC today and had an amazing time. We were definitely not expecting the explosion of flavors that accompanied all of the dishes we ordered.

Here are the dishes we ordered:
  1. Pan-seared potato gnocchi, fiddlehead ferns, ramps, lemon (recommended)
  2. Shiitake “cacio e pepe” with haricots verts and creamy polenta (recommended)
  3. Spicy tofu, chanterelle mushrooms, kale & Szechuan pepper
  4. Crispy fidelini pasta, corn, lime mayonnaise, black truffle

We highly recommend trying the potato gnocchi and the cacio e pepe. They are definitely one of the most flavorful and interesting dishes we had in NYC.

We found the spicy tofu to be a bit overwhelming. We would not recommend ordering the spicy tofu dish as your main dish. This dish should be shared with the entire table. We think one or two bites is enough.

Crispy fidelini was also flavorful but we got tired of the dish after three or four bites. We often find lots of restaurants overusing truffles and overwhelming the entire dish. This one was well balanced. We found the dressing to be a bit too heavy.




Posted by:Jae

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