Is Gaming Healthy for a Relationship?

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We have no idea, but we gave it a try anyways.

A little background– I have no prior experience in the gaming world but Jae actually went semi-pro during his high school days (pretty sick). Anyways, Jae and I ran out of things to do last night so we aimlessly wandered around Youtube until we started binge-watching a plethora of gaming videos.

We were glued to the screen as we laughed at gamers screaming, teetering at the edge of their seat, and rejoicing as they accomplished their game objectives.

And then Jae had a brilliant idea.

Why not channel our own competitive gamer personality by GETTING TRIGGERED AT 12 AM?? And that’s exactly what we did. In hindsight, it was probably wiser to go to sleep and get ready for a bright, early day…but what’s life without spontaneous game nights?

I want to introduce you guys to the most simple yet frustrating game we’ve ever played: Getting Over It by Bennett Foddy. You’ll understand why.

Here’s the full clip from last night:

Japan vs. Korea

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Who will win the SNACK battle?

Jae and I were browsing through H-mart, stomachs empty while looking for some natto, until we found the sparkly snack aisle. We aimlessly walked around the colorful snacks and spent about 20 minutes trying to settle on which ones to take home. This was a huge failure because we realized we both have massive sweet tooth and love ALL. THE. SNACKS.

Of course, we had no other choice than to make another taste test for you foodies 🙂 We switched it up and decided to compare some popular snacks from Japan and Korea. Stay tuned for an unexpected twist:

Cryptocurrency Is Weird


Okay. Let’s be real. We all heard about this new investment option called “cryptocurrency.”

As soon as this concept started becoming mainstream, everybody all of a sudden became experts. You could even hear people giving investment advice at the gym! How insane!

So here we are. A field where friends, family, and strangers are making investment decisions heavily dependent on everyone else’s opinions. In other words, this field was completely manifested by this popular notion of herd mentality.

We briefly share our thoughts on cryptocurrency in this video as well as our approach to investing as millennials.

Watch the full video here:




Say hello to our favorite superfood: NATTO!

Jae and I have always been fascinated by Japanese cuisine…especially natto. I remember briefly watching another YouTuber vlogging about eating this slimy, pungent side dish for breakfast. Since then, I’ve been longing to try it out. Lucky for me, Jae grew up eating natto, so I was ecstatic when he suggested we pick some up from our local Korean grocery store!

One problem: there are WAY too many natto brands to even count. Jae and I dumbfoundedly stood in front of the freezer section, shivering our butts off, as we tried to figure out what made each of them different. Of course, this was a total failure since neither of us know Japanese. We just went with our guts….and picked the ones with the prettiest packaging hehe.

Safe to say, we were not disappointed with this natto-picking method. It was love at first bite.

Watch the entire review here:

Why Should You Purchase an Apple Watch?


Our wallets took a hit this week.

We tried to justify the hefty price tag of the Apple watch by continually asking each other questions like: “do we really need to check our heart rate?”, “how useful is it to track our activity at the gym?”, “does it look stupid?”, “do we even like wearing watches?” For one whole month, we struggled with making this decision.

And then a couple days ago, we FINALLY took a trip to the Apple store after weighing out our pros and cons for the 15th time. We think it’s pretty safe to say, we have no regrets so far. We’re honestly shocked at how intuitively and easily this gadget has meshed into our lives.

Here’s a list of pros and cons you might’ve missed before purchasing the watch:


  • First of all, beautiful interface.
  • Makes you more aware of how active you are throughout the day
  • You don’t have to constantly check your phone for notifications
  • You get a gentle reminder for any upcoming calendar events so you don’t miss any if you’re away from your phone
  • Battery life doesn’t get drained at the end of the day
  • It motivates you to put in more effort at the gym
  • The auto sleep tracker app is awesome


  • It may clash with your outfit or get in the way when you wear long-sleeves/jackets
  • The screen may be a bit too small for some people (but you can always adjust font size etc.)
  • A bit complicated at first and it takes about a day to get used to

Of course, our initial impression might not live up to our actual expectations (it’s only been a couple days). We’ll continue to update you guys in about a month or so and give more thorough reviews! Stay tuned beauties and foodies 🙂

When Jealousy is a Huge Red Flag in Your Relationship


No matter how stable a relationship is, there will be times when you or your significant other feels jealous.

A bit of jealousy isn’t always bad. Sometimes it’s healthy. Sometimes it’s blown out of proportion. Sometimes it’s the product of miscommunication. And sometimes it’s a huge red flag.

Jae and I were scrolling through the /r/relationship_advice subreddit last night and a specific post caught our eye. So basically, this dude’s girlfriend makes a new “best friend” who “calms her and makes her happy” all within a week. He’s stuck with the dilemma of trying to compete with her new “best friend” or possibly ending the relationship.

His girlfriend is either intentionally making him jealous or sending a sign she’s not happy with the current relationship. TBH it seems like transparency and communication are nonexistent. Our conclusion: either have some real talk or get out now.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you guys think?

Watch the full video here

Bonding Over Mood Swings and Face Masks

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Tiger face masks and mood swings

Good morning beauties and foodies!

Welcome to another episode of Coffee Break with Jae and Ella. We decided to try on silly face masks while talking about mood swings because Jae has been dealing with A LOT lately (sorry Jae lol).

How do couples deal with emotional rollercoasters? It’s a puzzle we’re still trying to solve but we realized the answer to most relationship problems is communication and patience (a lot of it). These past four months have flown by but we’ve learned so many key factors about how to keep a relationship fresh and healthy.

Think of your significant other as a plant– please excuse my lack of better analogy. You need to continue to shelter, care, feed (the most important part tbh), and provide space for him/her to grow. If you neglect or forget to feed your plant (your significant other), it (your relationship) will wither up and possibly die.

Regardless of how rocky some days are, here’s some wise advice we picked up recently and continue to practice:

  1. Think before you speak. The wrong words can seriously damage a relationship.
  2. Continually communicate your feelings regardless of how much you want to dislike each other some days.
  3. Never bottle up your feelings or else you will drive yourself and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife crazy. One day, you WILL explode and vomit up all your suppressed frustration.
  4. Always be patient and kind to each other.
  5. Be the bigger person and crack a joke.
  6. Talk things out over a slice of pizza and glass of wine.

We will continue to follow these tips, so hopefully this helps you guys out as well. Relationships are complicated and messy at times, but we truly believe it can also be breathtakingly beautiful and so worth the effort at the end of the day.

Watch the full video here: