Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask Review

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Do you want to wake up with hydrated skin every single morning? Well you just landed on the right review!

I don’t have a complicated night time routine like most women do. I’ve also never followed through with the 10-step Korean skin care routine. I do, however, love effective skin care products.

Jae and I recently stepped into a Sephora and started testing out every product that caught our eye. Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask was one of them! The scent itself will make you want to purchase it on the spot. The pink, gel-like, watermelon-scented night time mask was love at first sight. It seemed to work immediately on our palms, so we decided to take this baby home.

It’s safe to say, we have no regrets spending $45 on this product.

It glides on extremely smoothly and there’s no sticky residue left over on your face after application. I have pretty oily skin so I’m super cautious of these types of products. If I use the wrong product, I wake up with a pound of oil on my face. It was a pleasant surprise when I found out that this product didn’t make me feel like a slimy monster in the morning.

Here’s a full review of the product (spoiler alert* there’s a very special model featured in this video and his name starts with a J haha):


The Best Natural Face Mask EVER

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I’ve used a fair share of face masks. Some of them seem pretty effective. Only a handful of them are ACTUALLY effective. And almost all of them are way too harsh for my skin.

A rule of thumb is: if there’s any burning sensation your face, you’re probably better off without it. Most of them have way too many chemicals we can’t pronounce or test out before actually using the product. So why not stick to basic, simple ingredients that are just as effective and guaranteed to work?

This solution came in a jar full of ooey-gooey magic for me: Manuka honey. Yeah. That’s right. HONEY.

I personally use it on blemishes (right after “accidentally” picking a pimple), dull skin, and rough areas on my face. As a result, I’ve been acne-free for quite some time 🙂 You have nothing to lose…but if you hate it, you can always use it for teas, baked goods, desserts etc. There are just so many use cases for this amazing nectar…you literally cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Watch me use Jae’s face as an example and slather Manuka honey all over him:

The Most Comfortable Underwear Your Buns Will Ever Slide Into

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Has uncomfortable underwear ever been a damper on your day? Really think about it.

Do you ever worry about wedgies? Have you ever felt a bit off while putting on that cheap piece of fabric after your shower? Have you ever wanted to throw out your old, prehistoric underwear but too lazy to shop for more?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I totally feel you. And as for the last question, this is exactly why these new, online underwear companies have been heaven-sent options this past month.

Jae and I want to do a quick review of MeUndies for you underwear shoppers out there. It’s so important to narrow down your options, especially in such a saturated market. So here’s the full video of us doing an underwear review:

Why Should You Purchase an Apple Watch?


Our wallets took a hit this week.

We tried to justify the hefty price tag of the Apple watch by continually asking each other questions like: “do we really need to check our heart rate?”, “how useful is it to track our activity at the gym?”, “does it look stupid?”, “do we even like wearing watches?” For one whole month, we struggled with making this decision.

And then a couple days ago, we FINALLY took a trip to the Apple store after weighing out our pros and cons for the 15th time. We think it’s pretty safe to say, we have no regrets so far. We’re honestly shocked at how intuitively and easily this gadget has meshed into our lives.

Here’s a list of pros and cons you might’ve missed before purchasing the watch:


  • First of all, beautiful interface.
  • Makes you more aware of how active you are throughout the day
  • You don’t have to constantly check your phone for notifications
  • You get a gentle reminder for any upcoming calendar events so you don’t miss any if you’re away from your phone
  • Battery life doesn’t get drained at the end of the day
  • It motivates you to put in more effort at the gym
  • The auto sleep tracker app is awesome


  • It may clash with your outfit or get in the way when you wear long-sleeves/jackets
  • The screen may be a bit too small for some people (but you can always adjust font size etc.)
  • A bit complicated at first and it takes about a day to get used to

Of course, our initial impression might not live up to our actual expectations (it’s only been a couple days). We’ll continue to update you guys in about a month or so and give more thorough reviews! Stay tuned beauties and foodies 🙂