Reimagining Tofu

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I want to introduce you to one of my favorite dishes: soondooboo. Soondooboo is a popular, soup-based, Korean tofu dish that will change your life.

As a kid, I’ve always felt bleh about tofu. I just found it extremely bland and unappetizing, but I’ve grown to appreciate it after tasting my way through a breadth of cuisines. Tofu can be extremely plain or unquestionably delicious depending on how you prepare it because it absorbs the flavors surrounding it.

Soondooboo is the prime example of this. The silky tofu effortlessly marinates around a thick, mild to spicy broth consisting of seafood, mushroom, meat, or vegetables. It’s consistency and flavor adapts to the broth surrounding it, which creates a delectable experience as you shove spoonfuls into your mouth.

It’s pretty clear I love this dish. Some people consider fried chicken, mashed potatoes, chocolate or fries as their comfort food. Soondooboo beats all of these dishes without a doubt in my book. There’s no better feeling than eating a piping hot bowl of soondooboo on a rainy day.

Jae and I talk about out pet peeves at the gym and relationship troubles as we share this delicious dish. Here’s a full video:

Is Gaming Healthy for a Relationship?

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We have no idea, but we gave it a try anyways.

A little background– I have no prior experience in the gaming world but Jae actually went semi-pro during his high school days (pretty sick). Anyways, Jae and I ran out of things to do last night so we aimlessly wandered around Youtube until we started binge-watching a plethora of gaming videos.

We were glued to the screen as we laughed at gamers screaming, teetering at the edge of their seat, and rejoicing as they accomplished their game objectives.

And then Jae had a brilliant idea.

Why not channel our own competitive gamer personality by GETTING TRIGGERED AT 12 AM?? And that’s exactly what we did. In hindsight, it was probably wiser to go to sleep and get ready for a bright, early day…but what’s life without spontaneous game nights?

I want to introduce you guys to the most simple yet frustrating game we’ve ever played: Getting Over It by Bennett Foddy. You’ll understand why.

Here’s the full clip from last night: