What’s In Your Coffee?

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Bzzzzzzzzzz. You cringe as your alarm blares right beside your ear. You hit snooze to dilly-dally in dreamland a little longer…just 10 more minutes. But after a minute, you abruptly jolt out of bed –half awake, half asleep– after realizing it’s 8:30 AM. Ugh, you woke up late, ONCE again.

You brush your teeth, quickly get dressed, drag yourself to the office, press “start” on the Keurig, and patiently wait for your coffee to spew out of the overused dispenser. You can hear the screeching, death-like sounds of the machine as your cup gets filled with diluted, over-roasted coffee. You take a sip, think about how terrible it tastes, and quietly reevaluate your life as you blankly stare out the window.

I think I’ve been through this scenario way too many times.

If you’re anything like me, you drink around 2 cups a day. That’s 730 cups a year which is equivalent to about 45 gallons. Jeez. Forty-five gallons of shitty coffee. Maybe it’s time to start making good quality coffee. But let’s face it, who has time to transform into a fancy barista every morning??

The amazing thing is, you actually don’t. There’s a way to make delicious coffee EVERY morning in under 10 minutes. You only have to sacrifice one morning alarm snooze to have a better morning!

The Worst Type of Friend

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We all know who they are.

The one who sneaks in back-handed compliments. The one who knowingly dates your crush. The one who blabs your secrets to everyone. The one who gives you the smaller slice of pizza. The one who tells you not to wear that shirt because “it’s ugly”…when it’s objectively pretty flattering.

Let’s take a moment to thank that friend.

Thank you, deceitful, cunning, backstabbing, greedy “friends” for strengthening our judgement and helping us recognize fake from real. Seriously, IDFWU (shoutout to Big Sean).

Most people have several handfuls of “terrible friend” experiences by the time they graduate high school. It’s inevitable and I think all of us can relate…which is kind of a beautiful thing. The silver lining to this is that by the time we grow up, we learn to make quick judgements based on our gut feeling and first impression.

Jae and I talk about our experiences with fake friends while bonding over some delicious Korean cuisine for dinner. We were pretty much in complete food coma by the time this mukbang was over so we hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

Bonding Over Mood Swings and Face Masks

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Tiger face masks and mood swings

Good morning beauties and foodies!

Welcome to another episode of Coffee Break with Jae and Ella. We decided to try on silly face masks while talking about mood swings because Jae has been dealing with A LOT lately (sorry Jae lol).

How do couples deal with emotional rollercoasters? It’s a puzzle we’re still trying to solve but we realized the answer to most relationship problems is communication and patience (a lot of it). These past four months have flown by but we’ve learned so many key factors about how to keep a relationship fresh and healthy.

Think of your significant other as a plant– please excuse my lack of better analogy. You need to continue to shelter, care, feed (the most important part tbh), and provide space for him/her to grow. If you neglect or forget to feed your plant (your significant other), it (your relationship) will wither up and possibly die.

Regardless of how rocky some days are, here’s some wise advice we picked up recently and continue to practice:

  1. Think before you speak. The wrong words can seriously damage a relationship.
  2. Continually communicate your feelings regardless of how much you want to dislike each other some days.
  3. Never bottle up your feelings or else you will drive yourself and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife crazy. One day, you WILL explode and vomit up all your suppressed frustration.
  4. Always be patient and kind to each other.
  5. Be the bigger person and crack a joke.
  6. Talk things out over a slice of pizza and glass of wine.

We will continue to follow these tips, so hopefully this helps you guys out as well. Relationships are complicated and messy at times, but we truly believe it can also be breathtakingly beautiful and so worth the effort at the end of the day.

Watch the full video here:

How to Wake Up With Glowing Skin Every Morning

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Goodbye Pimples

How can we wake up with glowing, blemish-free skin every morning??

I’ve been trying to hack this ever since I hit puberty. Testing out everything from over the counter skin medications to following the 10-step korean skin care regime, I was certain that improving my skin was hopeless.

Time after time, I realize that it really narrows down to the basics. So if you get this right, you are guaranteed to have clearer and brighter skin every morning (this applies to men as well :))!

  • Wash off any makeup or dirt particles from your face with a water AND oil-based face wash (especially if you wear waterproof makeup).
  • Manuka honey is your best friend. Keep a jar of it in your bathroom cabinet and apply it all over your face whenever you feel guilty after popping a pimple. It’s truly magical.
  • Rosehip oil will actually REDUCE excess oil on your face throughout the day. Apply a thin layer (about 5 drops) before you go to sleep and you will wake up with brighter, more balanced skin.
  • Drink lots of water to flush out toxins.
  • Try to refrain from stuffing yourself with chocolate, Big Macs, cookies, twinkies etc. (basically anything heavily processed). This will just make it harder for your body to detox which results in more blemishes.

If you focus on the basics, you can really tackle the root cause of this problem and you won’t need 20 different products to save your face. All you really need are the basics. Keep it simple and stay blemish free effortlessly!

Have an amazing weekend, fellow bloggers 🙂

Watch the full video here!

How to Stay Productive In a Relationship

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Episode One

Happy new year, everyone!

Hopefully, you guys are working hard to achieve your new year’s goals. Jae and I have been thinking of ways to maintain a healthy relationship this upcoming year, so we thought it’d be cool to talk about how to resolve common problems that young couples face.

The last four months were exciting, sweet, chaotic, and filled with laughter…but as much as we love spontaneity, it’s time to find some balance. It’s not easy to practice discipline when you’re having so much fun, but it’s definitely a key factor to long term happiness and productivity with your partner.

The main habit we’re trying to solidify is waking up early. How amazing would it be to read your favorite book, drink a cup of delicious coffee, exercise (#winterbody), eat breakfast, cross off some important items on your to-do list AND talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend in the morning?? You won’t have to rush out to your 9-5:00 job (or school) and you will feel more accomplished throughout the day. But of course, to set yourself up to succeed, you need to practice another habit: sleeping early.

The biggest downfall to our goal has been sticking with our bedtime. Time after time, Jae and I catch ourselves drinking wine at 10:00 pm, staying up late to finish work, scrolling through useless FB/IG feed, and being distracted in general. This month, we are working towards replacing these habits with better ones to find some balance in our lives.

It’s already the second month of 2018 so let’s continue to work on our passions, meet new friends, make some money, and do things that make us happy (aka have an occasional wine night hehe) 🙂 See you guys next episode!